Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When and where does Vegan Drinks New Orleans take place? Vegan Drinks New Orleans is moving around a bit at the moment.  But there will of course be updates here on the blog, and on our Facebook page.
  2. Is there a cover? Nope, and there's no drink minimum either.  But we want the bar to like us, so we do want to generate some business for them and not just fill up their space.  And if you order something from the bar, please tip your awesome bartender!  ;)
  3. Does the bar serve food? Yes!  So far we've had food from a few different vegan chefs, and we will always have some vegan food on hand for purchase.
  4. Who can attend Vegan Drinks New Orleans? If you are at least 21 and vegan, vegetarian, veg*n-curious, or just someone who wants to come hang out, you are welcome! Just put on a friendly smile and a positive attitude and come on down.
  5. Do I have to drink alcohol? Of course not! Only losers will ever bother you for not drinking alcohol.  (Didn't your mom tell you? Those guys aren't your friends!) We will, however, bother you if you get drunk and act dumb.  ;)
  6. I'm not vegan; will the vegans harass me? Oh heck no. We expect the vegan attendees to respect the non-vegans, and vice versa.
  7. I'm a brand new vegan / vegetarian / I'm interested in going veg.  Can someone at Vegan Drinks New Orleans give me advice?  Absolutely!  Feel free to seek out Melissa Bastian (the lead organizer), Jehan of the Veggie meetup group in town, or any of the many other knowledgeable veg heads that will be on hand.
  8. Can I sell or give away samples of my products at Vegan Drinks New Orleans? Give away = awesome!! Sell = no. The only things sold at Vegan Drinks New Orleans are drinks and food from the bar. Every few months we may have a fundraiser for a specific vegan or animal-related cause, but these will be organized by the Vegan Drinks team.
  9. Can I promote my organization/book/project/world-saving idea at Vegan Drinks New Orleans? Yes! As long as your cause is on-topic and directly related to animal or veg*n issues, we invite and encourage you to bring literature and promotional materials to share. In addition to chatting with your fellow attendees as you mix and mingle, we can carve out a short time for "shout outs" so that you can have a minute or two to talk to the crowd.  Please let one of the organizers (Melissa, Cassandra, or Jonathan) know if you're interested in doing this.
  10. Can my business or organization sponsor Vegan Drinks New Orleans? If your goals are in line with ours, we would LOVE to hear from you!  You can always reach us at novegandrinks@gmail.com, or through our FB page.
  11. What's up with the music at Vegan Drinks New Orleans?  If bar has a juke box, it's all up to you and your dolla dolla bills.  Otherwise, we'll play it by ear.  (Ha ha, get it?!)
  12. Can I bring in my own food and drink? If you need to bring food due to special dietary needs beyond being vegan, we get that.  No worries.  Please don't bring outside drinks into the bar though.  ;)
  13. Is Vegan Drinks New Orleans a smoke-free event?  Unfortunately, right now it is not smoke-free. What can we do about that? If LOTS of us show up and make this a super-popular event, and the bar sees that we want it to be a smoke-free night, that's what it will become!
  14. Who organizes Vegan Drinks New Orleans? Melissa Bastian of New Orleans in Green her handsome husband Jonathan, and their good friend and awesome vegan Cassandra LaSalle.  Along with much support from Jehan and the crew from the New Orleans Vegetarian Meetup, and our host bars, of course!
  15. I don’t have any vegan friends. Is Vegan Drinks New Orleans a good place to get some? You bet! Be sure to introduce yourself to the folks in attendance. We know it’s hard sometimes to work up the courage to walk up and say “hi,” but it’s worth it. The name tags are great ice breakers.  We swear.  The folks at Vegan Drinks are not too cool for you. Perhaps too nerdy, but never too cool.
  16. I’m single and having trouble meeting other vegans to date. Can I come mack at Vegan Drinks New Orleans? No. We’re not going to stop you from meeting the love of your life - hey, that would make the most awesome blog post!  But please don't be creepy. Seriously, DO NOT BE CREEPY. If you’re creepy, no one will want to be your friend, let alone date you. Thanks!
  17. I’m not in New Orleans. Is there a Vegan Drinks in my town? Possibly. Check out the locations page on the mama of them all, Vegan Drinks NYC. If there’s no Vegan Drinks where you want one, we encourage you to organize your own!

**Thanks to NYC Vegan Drinks, the mama of them all, for supplying a framework for this FAQ... and so much more!